With green energy through the Golden Age

Globus Tours offers environmentally-friendly city tours through delightful Hoorn to bus and boat groups

Around 300 listed buildings line the streets of the city centre of Hoorn and tell of the glorious past in the 17th century. The new e-buses from Globus Tours have recently been in service for city tours through the lanes and alleys of the enchanting historic port city on the Ijsselmeer. Thanks to them, tour groups can immerse themselves in the impressive historical flair – 100% environmentally friendly, quiet, clean and plenty of driving pleasure.

Hoorn is idyllically located on a headland in the Ijsselmeer. The many sailing ships serve to provide the city of 70,000 inhabitants with additional charm, and in the museum harbour there are even historic models to be found. On a city tour with Globus Tours e-buses, visitors can relax and take in the impressions of bygone eras. Along the impressive harbour and past the magnificent buildings of the rich merchants and warehouses, history can be experienced comfortably and at leisure.

During the tour, a guide will tell you all about the fights for independence and battles at sea, about cheese and spices, and, above all, about the heydays of the 17th century. In those days, Hoorn was an important location for the VOC (the Dutch East India Company) and flourished as an international port for the spice trade. Of course it goes without saying that our guides also know the legends and anecdotes and know the secret behind the unicorn in Hoorn’s coat of arms and the three cabin boys in the harbour.

Green & gold – environmental protection & history: a dream couple!

With the clean e-buses from Globus Tours, which are charged with green energy, you can travel “green through the Golden Age”. Since they do not emit any exhaust gases, the valuable substance of the historically listed town can be protected. The particularly quiet buses not only contribute to environmental protection with their zero emissions, but are also well-received by the residents of Hoorn. In addition, as a ship and bus travel company, you will score highly when it comes to elevating your image by waving the green flag with the e-buses from Globus Tours.


  • With a driver and professional guide
  • Duration approx. 1 hour
  • Capacity of up to 15 people per bus
  • 100% green e-energy, environmentally-friendly, clean and quiet
  • Unobstructed view through all-round Plexiglass
  • Fresh air thanks to opening of all-round glazing: extremely pleasant in summer and an important factor during corona times
  • Superior comfort and plenty of driving pleasure (similar to large golf carts)


  • Tailor-made trips for tour groups in Hoorn and the idyllic surrounding areas for shipping companies, bus companies …
  • City tours for families, company outings, club outings, …
  • According to your individual wishes, with stopovers, catering, picnics, attractions, sightseeing in the area, etc.

The future is green! With the Globus Group

The e-buses from Globus Tours are just one step of many with which the Globus Group is moving towards a sustainable future. In addition to Hoorn, Globus Group e-buses are already in use in Bad Füssing, taking tour groups from ships to the city centre. In Passau, large electric buses from the Globus Group are used as public transport buses. More places will follow! Furthermore, Globus Tours is developing innovative excursion programmes around sustainability and environmental protection. Expectations are high. And should you have your own ideas and requests, please do not hesitate to contact us!